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Research has shown that relational experiences that shape our identity in Christ are the primary catalysts in helping students to grow and mature as followers of Christ. In addition to our weekly gathering, we offer a few other experiences to help students continue to move toward more passionate followers of Jesus. We NEVER want cost to be a limiting factor for a student! If the cost of an event is a limiting factor, please complete our Financial Aid application and we will find a way to partner with your family to make sure your student is able to attend!



Believe is a high-energy weekend event for Jr. high students only. It's structured specifically for Jr. high students and is packed with powerful worship and teaching from God's Word.


While at Believe, students not only worship together but also engage in life-challenging discussions with their peers and adult leaders. As they go through the weekend, they discover ways in which God is calling them to be Kingdom workers in their schools, communities and the world.


MIX is a four-day summer event specifically designed for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. It is intentionally crafted in ways that will engage middle school students through tactile, interactive and fun activities coupled with Bible-based teaching and small group interaction.


MIX is an event that understands middle school students need their own experience. This age group is at a unique time in their lives – they’re growing and learning different than any other age group. They’re still young enough to need to play, but old enough to start understand some core ideals that will stay with them the rest of their lives. For this reason, MIX isn’t designed for high school students, or for preteens. It’s specifically designed for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students – it’s their chance to be exactly who they are: to play, listen and learn as themselves.


It’s also created for adult leaders to build relationships with students that will last long after the MIX experience. At MIX, your students will come to understand their identity in God’s Kingdom, and be challenged to embrace the Kingdom work He has prepared for them.


​We also host special events throughout the year to create opportunities for our students to invite their friends and build relationships. For dates and more information on our events please check out our calendar page.



Fall Retreat happens over a weekend in mid-November, right between fall and winter sports, and we do it in town so that students who have commitments that weekend can still attend even if they need to leave for a practice. This is one of our biggest events of the year and a huge catalyst for moving from passive to passionate. Details are announced at our fall kickoff in September.


Winter Weekend happens in February or March.  There is something very powerful and unifying about seeing thousands of other teenagers worship the same God you are and knowing that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than our youth group, bigger than just The Chapel. We try to offer a conference experience to students twice while they are in high school. But costs for conference are…high. So, every other year we will do some sort of very low cost event that still allows students to recharge, build relationships and grow in their faith. Winter Weekend details are announced during our Fall Retreat in November. 



Short Term Missions Experiences are a BIG deal to us and we desire for every student to have a cross cultural mission experience before leaving high school. Our mission teams serve the first week of July each summer. We partner with Dayspring Ministry in El Higo in Vera Cruz Mexico for our international experience and the Center for Student Missions (CSM) for our state-side experience. CSM locations are announced in the fall (usually at the Fall Retreat) and registration for both teams take place through January and February. Our mission experiences are just that, an experience. They are not simply a trip. These teams meet before and after the actual trip dates and our goals is for students to truly be changed by these experiences and not just simply enjoy a week away.


We also host special outreach events quarterly during our regular weekly meeting to create opportunities for our students to invite their friends. For more information on our quarterly events and to see dates for our Fall Retreat, Winter Weekend and Short Term Missions please check out our calendar page.

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